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Some of my valued clients have kindly supplied testimonials.

Richard – Clews Recycling Limited

“Anne joined us six months ago to oversee our accounts department, in that time she has steadied the boat and steered us through complex issues that arose with our Invoice Finance provider and resolved a number of running sores that had arisen in our change from QuickBooks to Sage.

She was extremely flexible in the number of hours worked and although we have now settled into a regular pattern, Anne is prepared to increase her hours to assist with holiday cover and the peaks and troughs of demand. Employing Cube Accounting has enabled me to take a step back from involvement with our accounts function and to leave the complex issues in the hands of an expert.”

Steve – Nature Trails Day Nursery Limited

“I have always done the accounts for our nursery. However, following a substantial expansion in the business, I decided with some trepidation, to take on financial support for the business to free up my time. We initially took on Anne to cover all revenue activities within the business. She has been able to rapidly master the different software packages and has been a major benefit to the business. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone wishing to free up their time, in the knowledge that their accounts are in safe hands.”

Mark – Control Water Environmental Services Limited

“Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees when running a business, but with Anne’s help at Cube Accounting she has taken over maintaining the records and other administrative jobs. She quickly adapted to using my accounting software, even though she had never used it before. Her help and support has enabled me to spend valuable time on other aspects of my business and family which was my aim for using Anne’s services.”

Sandy – Elite PA Solutions 

“Cube accounting do all the things that you would expect of a good bookkeeping service. However, as Anne is a qualified accountant she offers much more in terms of advice and services from her many years of experience, but at a sensible price.”

Julian – Augment Consulting Limited

“I’ve worked with Anne both as my personal accountant and for my business. Because of her heritage and experience you get top quality service and advice, but none of the associated eye-watering prices.”

Peter – The Shoulder of Mutton Pub

“We opened up our business and were recommended to an Accountant. This did not work out as the books were in a total mess and money lost. We came across Anne Wordsworth. What a find! Anne sorted out the mess, put our house in order and saved us a lot of money. Anne is just brilliant. Always cheerful and very enthusiastic about the business giving us advice and ideas as if it was here own. Anne is discreet, organised and totally honest. Certainly Anne would be an asset to anyone wanting a highly professional Accountant.”

Karen – Orchard Business Development

“I have had several accountants over the years, but none have been so helpful and easy to understand as Anne from Cube Accounting! You feel that she has a real interest in your business and she just has a great way of explaining things in a straight forward way. 
You get an excellent service at an affordable price and I would and have recommended her services to several other local business.”

Vick – Three Cafe

“Cube accounting offer a very friendly and professional service which I found very helpful and clear. They helped me help myself and understand more about accounting for my business and were there to offer support whenever I needed it.”

Jeremy – J Kemp Carpentry

“Since setting up my business J Kemp Carpentry I have used Anne’s services as a bookkeeper and found her to be superbly efficient, highly qualified and organised. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anne to anyone seeking to find an excellent bookkeeper with very competitive rates.”

Dot – Cleves Garden Studio

“It is always important to me as a Holistic Therapist to work with someone who is understanding and intuitive and I can get on well with.  2017 is my third year with Anne as my accountant.  She emails me with any queries after I have emailed her my spreadsheet for the year and then submits to HMRC on my behalf saving me a big headache.  I recommend her service to all.  Anne is friendly understanding and very well informed within her field.”

Sophie – Pick It Pack It Send It Limited

“Anne is very approachable and is only too willing to help even with the smallest of requests which she does in a quick and efficient way. She helped me greatly in reconciling my Xero records and produced meaningful management accounts which she explained in non accountants jargon.”

Experience Counts

Q – Not enough hours in the day ?
Q – Bookkeeping not up to date ?
Q – Want regular trading results updates ?
Q – Records taking up too much time ?
Q – Need to register for VAT ?
Q – Struggling to complete your VAT return ?
Q – Can’t reconcile your bank account ?
Q – Shoebox for your records ?
Q – Not sure what you are owed ?
Q – Daunting task trying to keep accurate records ?
Q – Want to move from manual records ?
Q – Unsure what accounts package to use ?
Q – Fed up with nasty surprises on fees ?
Q – Not getting excellent service from your bookkeeper ?
Q – Need more than your existing bookkeeper offers ?
Q – Unsure if you have the right records ?
Q – Can’t interpret your results
Q – Overhead costs too high ?
Q – Worried about changing payroll legislation ?
Q – Processing your payroll too time consuming ?
A – Why not contact Cube.
A – Let Cube help you
A – Let Cube prepare your management accounts
A – Contact Cube for a bookkeeping solution
A – Speak to Cube on how to register
A – Why not let Cube complete for you
A – Cube could reconcile it for you
A – Ditch the shoebox and let Cube get your records in order
A – Cube can reconcile your sales ledger for you
A – Let Cube take the stress away
A – Cube can help with the transition and setup
A – Let Cube advise you on the pros and cons
A – At Cube all fees are agreed up front
A – Contact Cube to find out what we can offer
A – Cube offers more than just basic bookkeeping
A – Let Cube health check your records
A – Cube can make sense of the numbers
A – Cube can help with cost reduction
A – Let Cube keep you up to date
A – Cube can take the strain away