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We operate a transparent and fair pricing policy and you only pay for the work you need, there are no fixed cost or unnecessary retainer fees.  

To be able to clearly understand the bookkeeping and accounting needs of your business, we prefer to meet with clients and then provide an overview of the services that we would recommend, along with clear guidance on fees and charges.  There is of course no charge for this initial meeting and it is offered on a fully complimentary basis.

We work with clients to meet whatever finance or accounting needs they may have, whether they want to fully outsource the management of their financial affairs or if they only require a few hours regular support.


We treat all clients in the manner in which we would like to be treated ourselves, in a personable and professional manner.  Once instructed all new clients will be sent a letter of engagement, a letter clearly outlining the agreement between you and Cube Accounting.  It will include: agreed services, frequency and payment terms.  Work will only commence once the agreement is signed and returned and all parties are happy and sure about terms.  

If you would like to arrange a meeting to see how Cube Accounting could work with your business, contact the team on 01788 815017 or email  


Anne our head accountant and owner of Cube Accounting will always meet with any clients interested in employing the services of the practice and will oversee all services provided to ensure that only the highest standard in service is delivered.  

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