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Finding The Accountant That’s Right For Your Business

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

There are many reasons why you would want to search for the right accountant such as starting up a new business and needing advice and support, your business has grown and you want additional support to help run your finances or just that you need a new accountant who understands you and your business better. Whatever your reason here are our top tips that you might want to consider:


You should make sure your accountant talks to you in plain English and that you understand the advice and support given to you, quite simply if you do not understand, go somewhere else!


It is your legal responsibility to sign accounts and tax returns which is then submitted to the relevant authorities and therefore is it especially important you understand what your accountant is telling you before signing any documents.

Qualified and Accountable?

Using a qualified accountant for example who is qualified with ACCA (Association Chartered Certified Accountants) means they are accountable to their professional body if they make a mistake.

Qualified accountants must maintain up to date knowledge within their industry so you can feel confident they are aware of the most recent accounting and tax developments.

Proactive Approach

Your accountant should go beyond number crunching and spitting out numbers, make sure you choose an accountant which is both proactive and reactive.

When your accountant understands your business, they can identify opportunities early on such as the need for good accounting software or how to save tax before deadlines have passed.

Representing Your Business

One of the areas you need to check is if your accountant will act as your agent with HMRC. Acting as your agent will allow them to talk to HMRC and potentially save you time having to have difficult conversations.

Sector & Industry Experience

When researching potential accountants make sure they have the experience in size and industry you operate in, this will prove invaluable as your accountant will be able to advise on tax matters directly attributable to your business which in turn could save money or prepare for future cashflow opportunities.

The Right Fit

Finally, you need to make sure you feel comfortable discussing your financial and personal finances with your accountant, a close relationship with your accountant will mean you will get the best out of their services.

Get in touch if you would like to have a chat and see if we are the right accountant for your business 01788 815017 / 07796 445115.

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