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Four Years Later, New Chapter

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Anne Wordsworth Cube Accounting

April 2014 may not mean a lot to many people, but to me it will always be a very special time, as it was when I became self-employed and started my own business. April 2014 was when I set up my own accountancy practice Cube Accounting and it’s hard to believe that it was actually four years ago.

So why start my own business? Well, after working in a variety of employed roles in accountancy practices and industry for almost 20 years, I felt it was time for a change. There had already been two big changes in my home life, the first when I became a mum and the second when I relocated to live in Rugby and so it seemed almost natural in some respects, to have a change in my working life too. Having worked really hard and been focused on my career for a number of years, I had already proven to myself my capability in being an accountant and it was a case of continue doing exactly the same for the next 20 years to retirement or take the new challenge of running my own business. I chose the latter!

Starting a business is most definitely a challenge, the main one for me was working without a team of other people around me for the social aspect and bouncing of ideas of each other. However, it didn’t take long for me to find my feet and once I had gained a handful of clients and they had been pleased with the service I had provided, fortunately word of mouth and those clients recommending me to others, resulted in the business growing. Four years on from Spring 2014, I now offer a wide range of services including; management accounts, VAT, tax returns, payroll, bookkeeping and training and have a portfolio of more than fifty clients in a wide variety of sectors.

So what does my fifth year in business have in store? Well I feel it’s time for the second chapter of Cube Accounting to begin, it’s time to move the business forward to the next stage. Having worked at capacity for a while now, I am ready to bring associates on board and grow the business. The new challenge is to embrace the whole concept of marketing and promoting a business, to proactively network to gain new clients and not just attend networking events for support, as I have done up to now. It’s time to give myself a shove out of my safe and secure comfort zone and really see what Cube Accounting can achieve.

The preparations for my fifth year in business have already started with Cube Accounting having a makeover with a refreshed logo, brand new website and to improve my presence on social media. Those who know me well will appreciate that embracing social media really is pushing me out of my comfort zone, but in order to achieve my goals, needs must. So if you do get a moment why not pop over to my new website, take a look at the services that I provide and let me know if there is any way that Cube Accounting can work with your business.

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